Ed Durnil of Tranzon Asset Advisors is a longtime friend and client of Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey. The nature of Ed’s business requires him to deal with law firms across the nation, and Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey remains his firm of choice, he said.

“I’ve worked with Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey for over two decades and continue to be impressed with their expertise. From corporate entity creation to the successful defense of our firm in lawsuits to some collection efforts, SBW&H never fails to deliver great results,” said Ed.

The team at SBW&H has proven they know what they are doing, and they do it with exceptional clarity, according to Ed.

“Terry Bennett is one of the most intelligent counselors I’ve ever dealt with,” said Ed. “From bankruptcy to civil suits to real estate, his knowledge is unmatched.”

Terry has defended and provided counsel to Ed’s business in various states, including Kentucky, Colorado, and Iowa. The greatest markers of a quality firm, according to Ed, are communication, knowledge, and depth of experience – all of which define the services of SBW&H.

“We don’t look at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey as simply a local firm, although it is indeed. They are our go-to firm, no matter what the situation is – big or small.”

Ed Durnil