We go to great lengths to ensure our children’s safety and wellbeing. Yet in the hustle and bustle of raising a family, many young parents can’t help but put off one vital decision: writing a will now that protects their children’s future. For parents of minors, a will is especially important because it clearly defines your wishes to survivors and to the courts exactly who you want to look after your children and their interests.

Even if you’re not completely sure what all a will entails, scheduling a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney helps start an essential process. 

Why Parents Need a Will

It’s only natural to procrastinate when it comes to drafting a will, especially if you’re a parent of young children. You have enough other family responsibilities every day that demand your attention. So if you’ve not had a moment to consider a clear choice for your children’s guardian or simply find it too overwhelming to plan for such contingencies, we understand. 

However, writing a will is the one assurance you have that your children will be cared for by people you trust if anything happens to you. Without a will, the courts may choose for you. And should you die intestate—that is, without a will or living trust—your assets will be distributed in accordance with state laws, which can be complicated and might not be consistent with your wishes or worse still, not provide for your children.

How an Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

At various stages in parenting, you’ve turned to professionals for guidance. Think of an estate planning attorney in the same way. They can provide recommendations for: 

  • Drafting a comprehensive will and testament
  • Designating a guardian and the scope of care
  • Appointing a general durable power of attorney
  • Securing existing assets for your children’s care
  • Outlining the management of your children’s inheritance until they reach adulthood and beyond 

Even if your asset allocation is relatively small, you can take advantage of estate planning tools now which provides the most benefit later. As your family and assets grow, there are always ways to stairstep into more detailed planning strategies, such as revocable trusts.  

Having a will in place, no matter the value of your assets, provides great peace of mind knowing your wishes will be expressed and your estate will be managed to benefit your children. Arrange for a consultation with a qualified estate planning attorney to learn more.