After a car accident, a million things run through your mind. First and foremost is to determine your wellbeing and if you need medical attention. Then, if you’re able to, try to remember aspects of the crash as you talk with law enforcement to determine what happened. To assess if anyone else was injured, who’s at fault for the accident, the damage to your vehicle, calling your insurance carrier, and other factors are additional details that are critical to know in the days to follow.   

In the chaos of the moment, not everyone thinks of contacting a personal injury attorney, but this is also important to do as soon as you can. The Kentucky-based firm of Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey has years of experience helping individuals and families in our community after personal injury accidents and can help you gather essential evidence for your car crash case. 

Documentation to Provide Your Personal Injury Attorney

There are many types of information your attorney needs from you as your case progresses. Here’s a partial list of documentation and evidence to have ready when you make an appointment.  

  • Your timeline of events from the accident
  • Medical records, including hospital discharge information, x-rays, doctor’s reports, Medicaid/Medicare card (if applicable)
  • Any schedule of doctor appointment follow-ups and continued care plans. 
  • Accident-related medical bills and receipts of associated expenses
  • What Kentucky’s no-fault PIP insurance benefits have covered for you so far
  • Paystubs that reflect lost income due to accident recovery 
  • Photographs of the crash site, your injuries, and vehicle damage
  • Repair estimates  
  • Insurance information for everyone involved

If you don’t have the following, our office can collect them on your behalf: 

  • Police reports
  • Any letters or information received from insurance companies and adjusters as well as claim numbers.
  • Witness reports and contact information

With these details, a personal injury attorney can help examine the facts of the incident and place a valuation on your damages. If your injury expenses and lost income exceed PIP coverage benefits, your legal team can also file a suit and negotiate on your behalf if additional financial recovery is necessary. This provides you with more peace of mind and allows you to focus on healing.