There are many reasons you should “shop local” when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Attorneys who have built respectable reputations in their communities achieve greater success for their clients. 

While billboards, advertisements, mailers, and other promotions promise a lot, it’s far more challenging for commercial attorneys to have a true impact. Here are some things that a local lawyer knows that those outside the region simply don’t. 

They understand local customs and procedures

Every community has a different way of doing things, making a commercial attorney unreliable when it comes to understanding local customs and courtroom procedures. Being a part of the community provides a local attorney valuable leverage. 

Billable hours and expenses may be less

A legal team in your area doesn’t have to account for travel and lodging expenses and daily per diems. Associated fees—while properly reflective of experience—are also likely to be based on local market rates.

They have essential connections

From expert witnesses to members of the police force, a local lawyer has cultivated valuable connections that provide more reliable results for your case. 

They’re familiar with opposing counsel

An attorney who understands how opposing counsel is likely to practice the case gives you an immediate benefit. Lawyers from outside the region will most likely never have dealt with your opposing counsel, which can be a significant weakness in the courtroom.

They understand judges’ personalities 

Every judge has their own set of unique personality traits and pet peeves. A knowledgeable local attorney who has frequently practiced in front of the same judges case after case is able to navigate accordingly.

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