Finding and hiring the right lawyer can be an intimidating task. Not only do they need to have commendable experience with your particular legal matter and winning results, but they also need to have an approach, communication style, and levels of efficiency that give you the ultimate confidence in the partnership.

Tips for Finding and Hiring a Lawyer  

How should you approach finding legal counsel you can trust who can make a positive difference in the outcome of your case? Here are some suggestions to make the process easier. 

Get a Quality Referral 

Talk to people in the community who’ve experienced the same problem you’re facing. Chances are, you’ll receive a few good referrals for local lawyers, as well as solid advice on who not to consider and why. 

You can also ask the state and local bar association for recommendations, and seek out lawyer referral services from community and service groups you belong to, as well as union organizations.

Assess the Potential Relationship Through an Interview

We don’t recommend just picking a lawyer solely on the basis of someone else’s recommendation, though. Everyone has different responses to a lawyer’s style and personality. So take advantage of free consultations to meet with an attorney to briefly discuss aspects of your case. This is a valuable opportunity to understand their working style, how their qualifications can benefit you, and why their strategy will secure your preferred outcome. 

You can also review other key aspects of the partnership, such as the frequency of communication, who does the bulk of the work on your case, fee arrangements, and the case timeline. 

If you don’t feel comfortable after the meeting, you can move on until you find legal counsel you trust. 

Always Get Clarification 

Once you decide to hire an attorney, you have every right to ask as many questions as necessary to understand how the process works, what’s expected of you, how to handle paperwork, and so on. You should feel that your legal team always has your best interests in mind and is working toward the ultimate goal of justice and restitution. 

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