When circumstances usher in chaos, it’s only natural to try to seek justice in whatever way possible. In the case of perceived negligence, this is often in the form of a lawsuit, whether because of an automobile accident, some type of personal injury, or suspicion of medical malpractice. Rush to judgments also frequently happen in financial or family disputes. 

The legal professionals at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey understand this perspective but hate to see clients struggle. What we often caution is to let the proverbial dust settle a bit, and use that time to assess your answers to the following questions before deciding that a lawsuit is your only recourse. 

4 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Sue

You have every right to pursue a legal path to justice. Here are some potentially viable considerations that should influence your final decision.  

  1. Have you tried to settle the dispute by compromise? This may be a difficult option to contemplate in the heat of the moment. However, all too often, cases are brought to the courtroom that could have been better handled outside of it. Make sure to give yourself space to think about your issue from all perspectives and adjust accordingly.
  2. Do you have a good case? While this might seem like an odd question, many times angry people make the decision to sue without realizing they can’t make much of a case. The elements of a claim must be proven—and without substantial evidence, you may be wasting valuable time, energy, and money.
  3. Will you be able to collect a judgment if you win? If the party you plan to sue isn’t in solid financial condition, your lawsuit may be pointless. Consult an attorney experienced with a particular industry or situation to help determine if you have a viable chance to secure financial recovery.
  4. Do you have the time and resources to devote to a lawsuit? This process is extensive, and many people find it emotionally draining, regardless of the promised outcome. Before filing a lawsuit, evaluate whether you’re able to handle its demands. 

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