In the early morning hours of a chilly January day, then 20-year-old Cameron was on his way to class with just a few short months left before completing school and receiving a certification he had worked hard for.  He had a job offer waiting for him as soon as he graduated. He enjoyed artwork and participating in archery tournaments. Cameron was also very active in youth ministry at his church and was well-known and respected by his peers and in his community.

Cameron’s dreams and plans were abruptly shattered when an SUV crossed the centerline, slamming into the side of Cameron’s sedan. Cameron was unconscious and trapped inside his car. The car was totaled. Cameron’s journey to recovery and the rebuilding of his life began immediately as he was extricated from his car by first responders and transported to a Level 1 trauma center at a major university hospital. His mother, Paula, arrived at the scene of the accident minutes before Cameron was placed in the ambulance. 

Cameron’s multiple injuries were severe and included traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, abrasions, contusions, lacerations, and permanent scarring. 

The Family Quickly Realized They Needed Legal Help

Paula initially tried to handle the paperwork herself, but after the adjuster for the liability carrier told her the pictures from the accident “didn’t look that bad,” she knew she needed someone trustworthy in her corner. Paula scheduled a meeting a few weeks after the accident and met with Attorney David Wilson at our firm. During the initial meeting with Mr. Wilson, Paula explained Cameron’s injuries, his future prognosis, and how his injury had affected their entire family. Mr. Wilson agreed to assist with Cameron’s case.

Cameron endured months of hospitalizations, surgery, rehab, and physical therapy.  His classes were interrupted which put him behind schedule in obtaining the certification he had worked so hard to achieve. Cameron experienced bouts of depression, anxiety, and sleepless nights as he thought about his recovery time, his ability to return to the activities he once loved, and generally return to a normal life.

Cameron worked extremely hard to overcome the pain and limitations his injuries caused.  Still, his injuries healed slowly. He once said to Mr. Wilson that “the farther away I get from the date of the wreck, the more concerned and worried I become because I realize I am not just going to get better in time.”

It Was a Long Road, but We Were There for Cameron

Cameron was a fighter, though, and continued to work hard at his recovery. After approximately 18 months, Cameron was finally able to start doing things he did prior to the wreck. His recovery is a testament to his strong work ethic and exceptional character and also the skill of his treatment providers.

Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey handled everything involving Cameron’s claim so that he was free to focus solely on his recovery. We received his medical records and medical bills, interfaced regularly with the insurance companies involved, and put together a demand package documenting the impact the wreck had on Cameron’s life. We insured that Cameron’s damages were well documented and supported by facts and the law. We were very pleased that our efforts led to a six-figure settlement for Cameron that far exceeded his expectations.

It was our privilege to assist Cameron with his car wreck case. The attorneys at SBWH Law partner with our clients to make their success our number one priority. If you or someone you know is involved in a car wreck, call our office and speak to one of our attorneys. We would be happy to put our experience to work for you.