The attorneys at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey walk alongside individuals and families through many tough and sometimes tragic times. Helping these folks is some of the most rewarding work we do. Below is a story about a client we recently helped.

Our client was riding home on his motorcycle, like so many times before, when a truck suddenly pulled out in front of him. With no time to stop, our client smashed into the bed of the truck, flew over the bed, and landed skidding in the road. He was severely injured in the accident. Our client suffered a broken wrist, broken ankle, and severe road rash. EMS responded and transported him to the hospital, where he learned the broken wrist bone would require surgery.

Our Client Needed Extensive Medical Care

The surgery involved taking a bone graph from the crest of our client’s hip and grafting it into the wrist. The graft was then secured by wires. Our client had to wear a cast for a number of weeks before undergoing another surgery to remove the wires.

As if that wasn’t enough, our client also had to wear a boot for several weeks while his fractured ankle healed. While recovering, our client missed over three weeks of work and had to rely on friends to assist him with basic things like driving and tending to his home. It’s fair to say he suffered tremendously from his accident, making it an easy decision for Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey to take his case.

We Got to Work Right Away

We ordered our client’s medical records, reviewed the documents in detail, and presented his injuries and damages in a demand package to the responsible party. After just a few weeks, a six-figure settlement was reached with the at-fault party that covered our client’s medical bills, missed days of work, and the value of in-home care provided by his friends and family.

In the end, our client was happy, so we were happy.

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Please note that every case is different and past results do not predict future results.