In many cases, yes. Loss of income or wages due to an accident is part of the amount your personal injury lawyer will recover for you in your car accident case. Generally speaking, we will demand the wages you lost beginning on the date of the accident and ending the day you’re able to return to work.

You Will Need to Provide Some Documentation

To be compensated for the time missed working, you should have a note from your doctor stating that you were not cleared to return to work due to your injuries. A doctor’s note saying you’re allowed to take time off of work may not suffice; it should state that you were not allowed to return to your job as you did before the accident occurred.  

You must also be able to prove the amount of lost wages in order to recover them from the at-fault party or his or her insurance company. In other words, along with the proof from your doctor that you needed time off of work, you should have a letter on your employer’s letterhead and/or copies of your pay stubs that will show how much time was taken and what your gross pay was for that period of time.

Finally, if you ended up using your vacation or sick time because of your injury, you can still include that in your lost earnings. After all, you would not have used those vacation or sick days if you had not been injured in the car accident.