Our Skilled KY Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Why You Need Legal Counsel for Your Dog Bite Claim

If you were attacked by a dog in Kentucky, you may wonder if you need to hire a dog bite lawyer for your personal injury claim. If your injuries are significant enough to negatively impact your life, consulting a personal injury attorney is a wise move. The dog bite injury lawyers at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey can help victims understand their legal rights and the steps to take toward obtaining fair compensation.   Why you need legal counsel for a dog bite

What to Do After a Dog Bite in Kentucky

Being attacked by a dog can be overwhelming and disorienting. You may not know what to do after you’ve been bitten. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys explain the steps you should take after the attack:

  1. Identify the dog’s owner. They can provide you with information about the dog’s vaccination status, and you can begin to establish liability for your injuries.
  2. Report the animal attack. Make this report to your local health department within 12 hours, as required by Kentucky state law, and to the police, if needed.
  3. Get medical attention promptly. It’s important to get to an urgent care facility, the emergency room, or your doctor’s office right after the attack.
  4. Document your injuries. You can do this through photos and written notes, including information about the way your injuries impact your life.
  5. Consult a Kentucky personal injury lawyer.  Hiring legal counsel will give you an advocate who will explain your legal options for seeking fair compensation.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

A dog’s sharp teeth and strong bite can cause serious, sometimes devastating and disfiguring injuires, including the following:

  • Puncture wounds, which may be deep enough to damage nerves, muscles, and tissues
  • Serious, potentially life-threatening infections
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and other head injuries
  • Serious injuries to the face
  • Amputation of body parts, including portions of the lips, fingers, and legs
  • Disfigurement and permanent scarring

The damage done by dog bites tends to be particularly severe when the victim is either young or old. Not only are children more likely to be dog bite victims, but their injuries are more likely to be serious, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Research by the American Veterinary Medical Association states that almost half of all dog bite victims are younger than 12 years old. People over 70 make up 10% of bite victims, and  20% of these bites are fatal.  

Why You Need a KY Attorney After a Dog Bite

If you want to file a personal injury claim after your dog attack, it’s important to work with a Kentucky dog bite attorney. Obtaining fair compensation for your damages can be a challenge if you don’t have a legal advocate on your side. An attorney can help you understand the types of damages you can pursue:

Pursuing a Financial Recovery for Physical and Emotional Suffering

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 800,000 people each year need medical attention after a dog bite. Even if you only make a single trip to the emergency room, you may pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The cost of follow-up care, such as a series of vaccinations, surgery, or physical therapy, can result in significant financial hardship.

Badly wounded dog bite victims often miss time from work, resulting in wage loss. Without this income, you may struggle to afford your medical expenses or even pay your bills.

Dog bite victims also experience a great deal of emotional trauma. You may be able to pursue financial compensation for these non-economic damages, too.

Understanding the Process of Filing a Kentucky Dog Bite Claim

To get compensated for the physical and emotional damages you suffer after a dog bite, you may need to file a personal injury claim with the dog owner’s insurance company or even file a lawsuit.

Even though Kentucky law holds dog owners strictly liable for bite injuries their pets cause, many dog bite victims must file a personal injury claim or resort to litigation before they receive a settlement that fairly compensates them for their losses.

To handle this formal legal matter and meticulously prepare your case, you should retain an experienced personal injury lawyer.

How Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson, & Humphrey Can Help With a Dog Bite Claim

The skilled dog bite injury lawyers at Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey understand personal injury claims and will handle every aspect of yours. We manage the communication with the dog's owner or their insurance company, gather the evidence that supports your claim, document the full extent of your damages, and work hard to ensure you get compensation for the damages you suffer.

If you’re not sure whether to hire a dog bite lawyer, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We can discuss your situation, and you’ll learn why you can trust our team to help you seek fair compensation.