IRS Phone Scam

According to a report by the Associated Press, a nationwide tax scam has victimized over 366,000 people, resulting in a loss of $15.5 million to taxpayers. Individuals posing as fake IRS agents have been making harassing phone calls to taxpayers, demanding immediate payment and threatening arrest, deportation, or license revocation. Shockingly, thousands of people have fallen for this scam since 2013.

Scammers usually demand payment through prepaid debit cards, which are harder to trace than traditional bank cards as they are not linked to a bank account. Consumers purchase these cards at stores and use them like bank cards until the money runs out or they add more. However, real IRS agents never demand payment through debit cards, credit cards, or wire transfers. They also usually contact taxpayers first by mail and not by phone.

An IRS spokesperson has issued a warning, stating that the agency never initiates contact with taxpayers by phone, and anyone claiming to be from the IRS demanding immediate payment through phone calls is most likely a scammer. The spokesperson also advised taxpayers that if they owe money to the IRS, they have probably already received notice or correspondence in their mailbox.

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