Your Lawyer's Courtroom Demeanor Matters

When facing a legal issue, you may want an aggressive legal shark of a lawyer to represent you. However, it is equally essential that the attorney you hire maintains a professional demeanor in the courtroom. An aggressive lawyer can often effectively advocate for their client's interests, but if they behave unprofessionally or disrespectfully, it can harm the case. A professional, respectful lawyer who maintains a good reputation can often be more effective in achieving a favorable outcome for their client.

We recently witnessed an attorney inappropriately arguing with and antagonizing a judge in the courtroom. This was not wise on the attorney’s part. A good attorney persuades; they don’t argue with the judge. When searching for an attorney, ensure you know how your candidates handle themselves inside and outside court. Professionalism is of the utmost importance.

An attorney who antagonizes the judge risks mishandling--or possibly even losing--the case because of his poor courtroom demeanor and people skills. If you can observe an attorney in action, watch for the following signs of professional conduct.

  • They are punctual. The court and jury in your case will not appreciate an attorney wasting their time. Good attorneys arrive early and are in the courtroom looking ready and confident.
  • They are well-groomed and well-dressed. While it’s true that appearance isn’t everything, it certainly does leave a lasting impression. You want an attorney who appears professional and knowledgeable.
  • They remain professional at all times. An attorney who appears excessively frustrated, impolite, or arrogant risks creating a bad reputation.
  • They are confident and respectful. Your attorney should be respectful in their comments and dealings with the court, personnel, other attorneys, and clients. A lawyer’s demeanor can tell you a lot about the type of person they are. One who appears confident, respectful, and trustworthy is most likely an attorney you can count on.

The attorney you choose can significantly impact the outcome of your case. When selecting a lawyer, it is essential to consider their legal skills, experience, courtroom demeanor, and reputation. At Skeeters, Bennett, Wilson & Humphrey, our experienced and highly skilled central Kentucky attorneys are consummate professionals inside and outside the courtroom. Our sterling reputation and persuasive but polished courtroom demeanor serve as an asset to our clients. You can feel confident in our capabilities and conduct when you need legal assistance.

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